11 Best PC Gaming Subreddits to Join

PC gaming is one of the most popular topics on Reddit.

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As one of the most popular topics on Reddit, there is no shortage of amazing PC gaming communities. You can find nearly anything you’re looking for on Reddit related to PC gaming. Whether you’re building your first rig, sharing your setup, or asking a hardware related question, there’s a subreddit for it.

PC Gaming Subreddits

Below you’ll find 11 different PC gaming related subreddits. They’re listed in no particular order, and each subreddit offers something different.


Better known as PCMR, PC Master Race is a place where all PC enthusiasts are welcome. Celebrate the PC, and all that it stands for, whether for working or gaming.


If you love mechanical keyboards, this is the place for you. Learn about keyboard switches, maintenance, mods, and more. Check out all the sweet keyboard pictures too.


Planning on build a computer but need some advice? r/BuildaPC is the best place to ask for advice and input from the PC gaming community on how to build a computer.


If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve likely heard of Steam and maybe even use Steam. Join other members of the Steam community in this subreddit dedicated to Steam users.


Look at and post pictures of epic PC gaming setups. Battlestations are complete setups that include desk, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and the computer.


Discuss the minimum and recommended system requirements on the latest PC games. The most popular games are usually pinned to the top.


Find links to PC products that are on sale at various websites. Get deals on monitors, processors, video cards, fans, cases, anything you’d need to build a PC.


This is a subreddit for general PC gaming news and discussion. You won’t find many memes here, but you will find links from popular gaming blogs and channels.


Use Steam and like deals on PC games? Then this is the subreddit for you. Find all of the newest deals on Steam games posted right to this subreddit.


A place for gamers who also happen to be women and want to talk about gaming. If you’re looking for a women-centered gamer community, this is the subreddit for you.


Share and discuss game deals. You’ll find that most of the deals come from a few sources, such as Steam, Humble Bundle, or GoG, which are great places for score deals on PC games.

PC Gaming Subreddits Summary

That’s all eleven! Reddit is a great place to share your experiences, pictures, and more with other PC gaming enthusiasts. Make sure to join your favorite ones.

What’s your favorite PC gaming subreddit? Do you have another one we didn’t list here that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments section below.

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