Meet Razer’s New Ocean Cleaning Robots

It better have RGB lighting on it.

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To celebrate World Oceans Day, Razer is teaming up with with sustainability startup Clearbot to build amazing ocean cleaning robots. Since 2019, Clearbot has been on a mission to clean the Earth’s oceans and rivers via swarms of self-driving, AI powered, ocean trash collecting robots. And now, thanks to a partnership with Razer, these ocean cleaning drones are about to get a whole lot smarter and sleeker.

Razer's Clearbot Ocean Cleaning Robot prototype.
This is what Clearbot’s AI-powered ocean cleaning robot will look like thanks to collaboration with Razer.

Cutting Edge AI Technology

Both Razer and Clearbot have pooled their engineering resources and technical expertise to build an all-new design of Clearbot, pictured above. The all new design will feature a more attractive and efficient design, geofencing, and AI-generated patrol paths based on visible pieces of floating trash.

What makes Clearbot so unique is the trash-detecting AI that powers it. Current ocean trash collecting methods are expensive, slow, and overall inefficient. Each robot is solar powered, releases zero emissions, and uses self-navigating AI with machine learning to optimize itself over time. These improvements dramatically bring the cost down and effectiveness up, opening the door to mass marketing and scalability.

Partnership with Razer

Razer has stated they are committed to a “10-year #GoGreenWithRazer sustainability roadmap” and their collaboration with Clearbot is a great physical manifestation of their vision. “Clearbot is the first of many sustainability startups we intend to support with out in-house design and engineering talent” Charlie Bolton, Director of Industrial Design at Razer said. With Clearbot continuing on its mission, hopefully we are one step closer to ridding the world’s oceans of trash, plastic, and other hazardous debris.

You can learn more about Clearbot on their website at

What do you think about Razer getting into the sustainability game via ocean cleaning robots? Do you want to see more of this from established industry leaders? Would you do anything different? Let us know in the comments below.

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