Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Trading Sites

Discover the best online trading solutions for Diablo II: Resurrected.

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Trading in Diablo 2 Resurrected might be one of the best parts of the online multiplayer experience. Since Diablo 2’s itemization is fairly unique, and since items aren’t soulbound (like in WoW), trading comes naturally and is vital to the game. The only problem is the trading experience leaves a lot to be desired. Ideally, Blizzard would build some type of trading platform (besides the lobby) into the game, or create an official Diablo 2 trading website.

Since there is no official Diablo 2 trading site, we have to find our own solutions to trading online. You can trade in-game by making public games with what you have for sale, or trying your luck at searching through the active games list. These aren’t terrible, but it can be a time sink, and the game list system isn’t properly adapted to handle trading efficiently or effectively. With the popularity of Diablo 2: Resurrected, this is made even more obvious.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us looking outwards to a third-party trading solution like a trading website, Reddit, forum, or even a Discord server. Here are the best D2R trade sites to help you with trading.

Best Places to Trade Diablo 2 Items

The best place to trade Diablo 2 items is where you feel most comfortable. For most people, that will be in-game. For others, it will be a website, forums, or even a Discord server. Below I’ll go over the four best places to trade Diablo 2 items online.

1. Traderie

Items for sale on Traderie.
Easily buy, sell, and browse Diablo 2 items for sale on Traderie.

Traderie is a peer to peer marketplace for video game items, such as those in Diablo 2. The website facilitates the trading process. Simply create a free account to get started trading right away. Make offers on items, or put your own item up for sale. The best part is all of Diablo 2’s items are built right in so there is no uploading pictures or screenshots. Simply adjust the important stats and list your item for sale.

When you get an offer on your item, or an accepted offer on an item you’re interested in, you’ll get a live notification. From there, quickly chat with the other person to set up a game and complete the trade. The process is incredibly easy, and it’s my go-to trading site for Diablo 2. Additionally, many popular Diablo 2 streamers are using Traderie to set up their trades.

Check out Traderie

2. The Chaos Sanctuary Discord

Trade with other Diablo 2 players on The Chaos Sanctuary Discord server.

Looking for a Discord server? Perfect. There is a large and active Discord server for Diablo 2 Resurrected trading. Touting over 25,000 members, you’ll find no shortage of likeminded people to trade your items with. Additionally, there are helpful bots and there is a reputation/vouching system that improves and adds trust to the trading experience.

Think of using the Discord server as like hosting a public game, but with more people and trades going on at once. You can find discussion around the Discord server on r/Diablo2 and TheChaosSanctuary subreddit to see if it’s the right solution for you.

Join The Chaos Sanctuary Discord server

3. Trading Market

Browse Diablo 2 items for sale on the trading market.

If you’re interested in supporting a website that was built by a team that loves and appreciates the game, might be for you. The trading marketplace they’ve built for D2R is just like a forum. You simply list the item you want to sell, include a screenshot if you want, and wait for a reply. If you receive an acceptable offer, set up a game to make the trade.

Besides being beautifully designed, the site also includes a full database of every item, monster, NPC, cube recipe, and more. already boasts a whopping 37,596 members, and 595,924 posts as of this writing.

Check out the trading market

4. d2jsp Forums

Use forum gold to buy and sell Diablo 2 items on d2jsp.

You might remember d2jsp from back in the day. It got a bad rap for facilitating real money trading, and being a haven for duped and botted items. However, with Diablo 2 Resurrected, a lot of people are finding d2jsp a great place to trade. The process is very similar to a typical forum, but instead of trading for items, you trade for fg (forum gold).

Forum gold can be obtained by buying forum gold with real money (I don’t support this), or by trading your items for forum gold. This is attractive to some people because it’s a common and shared currency. For a lot of people, this makes trading easier and more efficient. The size and activity level of the community also makes d2jsp an appealing place to trade. However, the website could certainly benefit from a makeover.

Check out d2jsp

Trading Online is Faster and Easier

Until Blizzard implements an improved way to trade in-game, or launches their own official trading website, trading using one of the sites above will usually be faster and easier. At the very least, let’s hope Blizzard improves the lobby experience to add better filtering and sorting. Until then, I hope this list of Diablo 2 trading websites serves you well.

If I’ve missed one, please let me know in the comments.

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