BioShock 4, also known as BioShock Isolation Details Revealed

There’s always a lighthouse.

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This week there are a ton of rumors swirling around about the next installment of the beloved Bioshock series. The rumors come in varying degrees of certainty and cover everything from location and time, to factions and gameplay mechanics. There’s even a website for the upcoming game hidden in plain sight.

About BioShock 4 – AKA BioShock Isolation

BioShock Isolation concept art. Artwork credit: @griefgreen
BioShock Isolation concept art. Artwork credit: @griefgreen

The source of the image above is the 2020 Slack messenger data breach and should be treated as early concept art only. The rumors state Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games both want the quality of the final product to be high and therefore do not want to reveal the game until they are happy with the quality and are certain there won’t need to be any delays.

According to the leaks, the game has been confirmed to be set in Antarctica during the 1960’s with an art style very similar to Deathloop. Think British rock, psychedelic and trippy. There are also rumors that different areas in the game will have distinctive architecture from the areas where the refugees hail from. So in theory, we will be seeing European & Victorian architecture, Asian themes, and Soviet Brutalism, for example.

We’re told this game will be much larger than previous BioShock games and that some familiar faces from the previous games are expected to return. While the gameplay is rumored to be open world this time around, this will still be BioShock. The core of the game stays unchanged with the combat system remaining a combination of powerful ammo types, intriguing abilities and fleshed out environments.

There’s Always a Lighthouse Website

By coincidence, I searched the web for “there’s always a lighthouse” and to my surprise, a blank website popped up at the top of Google that simply said “staytuned”:

BioShock website
BioShock website

Once you visit the website at, you are greeted by a simple image of the night sky and one larger, central star. It reminds me a lot of the North Star but it could be anything; that is just my interpretation. Interestingly enough, the image filename is “staytuned.jpg”, just like the title of the webpage.

BioShock website
BioShock website “staytuned”

I have verified this as legitimate by doing a WHOIS lookup on the domain name. It comes back to Take-Two Interactive who owns the rights to the BioShock franchise. The only thing we don’t seem to know at this point is when the game will be announced and released. Stay tuned.

BioShock website WHOIS shows connection to Take-Two.
BioShock website WHOIS shows connection to Take-Two.

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