Battlefield 2042’s Steam Rating Is Mostly Negative

It's a bloodbath on the battlefield.

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Battlefield 2042 hasn’t even been released on Steam for more than a few hours and its rating has already plummeted to a bleak “Mostly Negative”. This makes it the 6th worst rated game on Steam right now. Furthermore, Metacritic’s User Score for Battlefield 2042 is sitting at a pathetic 2.4/10 based on more than 2,500 ratings.

Ever since the announcement trailer dropped on June 9, 2021, much of the gaming community was in a flurry of hype due to the intense action shown and the return to a modern, more familiar setting. After some controversy in past Battlefield games, it appeared the game would be returning to its roots. Boy was that wrong.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

Battlefield 2042 has been playable for the last week to customers who have pre-purchased Gold or Ultimate editions. Since then, videos and social media posts have been surfacing that showcase a very broken game. Bugs appear very commonly and the issues vary from bullets not registering, hovercrafts climbing skyscrapers, tanks on buildings, and even smoke that acts as a solid object.

There are also some audio bugs including hearing footsteps in the wrong direction or not hearing enemy footsteps at all. Bigger picture, it’s very concerning how many AAA releases are launching in terrible conditions as of late.

Battlefield 2042’s buggy launch is leading to very bad reviews online.

A common complaint is the abundance of removed features from previous Battlefield games. Reddit user Jellyswim_ compiled a massive list of everything either removed or downgraded. Take a look at some of the missing features and issues below.

Missing features and issues

  • No class system
  • No server browser
  • No team changing
  • No rank names/icons, just a number
  • No in-game VOIP (coming soon?)
  • Fewer destructible buildings
  • No vehicle damage points
  • No vehicle kill assist points
  • No headshot bonus
  • No long-range kill bonus
  • Various UI issues
  • No individual player scoreboard
  • No ability to zoom in on the spawn map
  • No way to differentiate between transport or attack helicopters
  • Removed interface to see which direction the gun on tanks and helicopters are pointed

Also new to the series is a new Specialist system that replaces the previously well-received class system.

Another common complaint about Battlefield 2042 is the juxtaposition between the apocalyptic, war torn atmosphere of the marketing and menus, and the cringey new post-match animations that show leaders from the match similar to Overwatch, Apex Legends, or Fortnite, which have a light-hearted, almost jokingly tone. Because nothing says grizzly death and destruction like “Well well, that was fun!”, or “That was something, right?!”.

The level design seems to echo this as there isn’t great flow between areas. There are islands of capture zones in between areas with zero cover on many levels which ends up creating a poor balance between infantry and vehicle gameplay.

One leading theory to explain all of this is that Battlefield 2042 was originally designed and developed as a Battle Royale game to compete against Call of Duty: Warzone, which frankly would explain a lot.

Battlefield 2042 was released today, November 19 on Steam, Origin, EA App, Xbox Game Pass, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. While it’s clear Battlefield 2042 is going to need a lot of patches to fix it’s most glaring issues, it remains unclear just how much the game can improve at this point through patches alone. We recommend waiting to pick Battlefield 2042 until many of these issues are addressed.

By Dom M.

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  1. Great post. Game just sucks. Everything about this game is bad from menus to maps. Game was released in unfinished state just to get money from holidays. This is probably one of the worst Battlefield ever. This is not even Battlefield game except name. I wont be buying this game and i recommended same to others.

    Reply to ObiKanobi

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