About FPS Cat

We help you figure out what PC gaming hardware you need by uniquely displaying the minimum and recommended system requirements for the latest PC games.

Photo of a determined competitive gamer with custom built gaming PC.

Hardware Recommendations

The entire FPS Cat team is comprised of PC building, PC gaming, and general tech enthusiasts. We know how frustrating it is to get information that isn’t helpful, so we set out to change that with FPSCat.com.

We know what we’re talking about so you don’t have to. It’s our job to make PC gaming simple for you. We never recomend a product or service that we’d never use ourselves.

Our Story

We’ve been around a long time. We remember playing Vanilla WoW, the launch of Steam, and 128MB graphics cards.

Our team has decades of experience building and playing gaming PC’s from low-end, to high-end, and everything in between. You can rest assured that we have experience and advice you can trust.